Jørgen works as a sculptor since more than 20 years



Jorgen Missotten extends his approach from stone sculpting to painting, translating stone carving into captivating strokes and movements on canvas. Central to my artistic philosophy is the pursuit of capturing light, as evident in my series ‘Peeling Light.’ Through this body of work, I employ a unique technique, utilizing tools to create impressions of sliced matter. Whether it’s the weighty solidity of stones or the ephemeral nature of air, each slice becomes a vessel for illuminating the interplay between form and luminosity.

‘My years of doing projects in materials like stone, wood and marble defined substantially my approach to painting. 

‘Peeling Light’ refers to the surfaces of the sculptures I made the last 20 years. Shaping the curves of the marble surface is a process that you can master until you start to polish. Its the moment when the reflection of the light takes over and you loose control in understanding the actual shape. It’s like a thin layer of light that wraps the sculpture.

In ‘Clouds’ I aim to encapsulate the essence of my surroundings, transforming fleeting moments and intimate projects into tangible expressions. Each piece serves as a visual narrative, weaving together layers of emotion and introspection.’



Exhibitions and Projects



Christian Liaigre, Miami, US 

MAP, Cannes, F


Christian Liaigre, Paris, F


Remi Tessier, Paris, F


Laura Rathe Gallery,  Houston, VS


Alfred Lam, Interior Hong Kong
Project Russell Jone Architects, Kent , GB

Christian Liaigre, NY, US 


Private project Tayeri, Palo Alto, CA, US
DFAS, Laguna Beach, CA, US
Christian Liaigre,Paris / Maimi
Project for Jerry Harpole Architects, Washington DC, US 


DFAS, Laguna Beach, CA, US
Rachel Laxer, NY, US
Private commission Waseem F Al-Ali, Saudi Arabia

WOW Design, Moscow
Christian Liaigre, F 


Maison&Objet, F
Christian Liaigre, F
AFSO, Hong Kong
Private commission, Gay Phinny, Los Angeles, US

LEMA, Salone Del Mobile, It
Luminaire, Maimi, US
ALPINE RENAULT, Sculptural design concept, F Workshop design team Renault, F 


Maison&Objet, F
Maison&Objet, F
Serax, B
Christian Liaigre, F
Claire Tizard Yacht Solutions ‘Babas’, Hamburg / Shanghai Yi’s Furniture&Projects, Taipei, Taiwan 
Private project residence Paula Cue, CA, US Les Suen Gallery, Hong Kong
Design Forum Interiors, Kent , GB
Prom Video, B 


Maison&Objet, F
Maison&Objet, F
Integrated art project ‘East meets West’ PENINSULA Hotel, Paris, F
Private commission ‘Palm Villa Baccianti’ , Dubai, UAE Luminaire, Miami, US
Alex Chung, Hong Kong
Serax, B 


Maison&Objet, F
Maison&Objet, F
Monumental sculpture St-Victor, B

Series of objects for SERAX, B INTERNI Edition, B
Gallery Urs Von Unger, Gstaad, CH

Gallery Shinsegae, Seoul, Korea

Private commission Issam Kronfl, Beirut

Holly Hunt, Chicago, US
Holly Hunt, Los Angeles, US
Holly Hunt, New York, US 


Sfeer, Gent
Interieur Biennale, Kortrijk Domani, Lokeren
Hauser Living, CH 


Maison et Object, Paris (F) Art integration project Adagio 
ocmw Zilverlinde, B